Welcome to Taprobane Divers!

Taprobane Divers opened in April 2016 and is run by Sri Lankan and British couple Rohan & Emma, offering tailored diving packages and courses for all customers. Whether a beginner and wish to try a 'discover scuba' course, an intermediate building on your experience, or a more advanced diver and interested in technical diving, you have come to the right place!
All our equipment is high quality with Scubapro and Cressi BCDs, MK25 and Aqualung Titan regulators, and the full range of accompanying equipment - both for recreational diving and for those who wish to snorkel. If you wish to venture into technical diving, high grade Hollis, OMS and Scubapro is also available. Our cylinders and air compressors are imported from the UK and maintained to British standards to ensure great air all the time!
We are one of the very few centres to offer Nitrox diving and have a highly experienced team - Taprobane Divers is one of only two centres in the whole country with the capability to offer tec diving courses.
March to October:

is located in Nilaveli, at Bliss Bay, Ward 1, Adukkupadu, Veloord 

Call us on +94(0)725638067 / +94(0)778491597